Purpose Coaching helps participants think introspectively about their personal values, talents, strengths, and passions then utilize that knowledge to craft a personal purpose (WHY) statement and implement a personal and professional plan that honors that purpose.

Topics include:

  1. What energizes you?
  2. What are your Core Values?
  3. What is your Purpose?
  4. How will you bring your Purpose to life? What are your priorities? How will you shed those elements of your life that do not directly relate to your Purpose and related priorities?

This all-in 3 month, once/week one-on-one coaching package will guide you through your unique personality blueprint, articulating your unique purpose statement and helping you to discover next steps to live your best life.

Investment: $1,400 and includes work between sessions and email support.

For personal coaching I generally request that clients commit to working with me for a 6 month minimum. We usually meet every two weeks which makes a total of 12 sessions. There’s good reason for this. While much can happen in individual sessions, human development, growth and change is not linear and new behavior, thinking and ways of being needs time to become truly embodied.

I also try to keep some space for those in need who want coaching but might not be able to afford it. Please contact me directly to inquire about availability.