Do you feel stuck in the mundane cycle of just ‘getting by’ with no real zest for life…
Maybe you have career ambitions or financial goals but you can’t find a way to make the breakthrough you need…
Perhaps you desire a loving relationship… a deeper connection with friends and family … or a more prosperous future for you and your family…
It could be you feel unheard, unseen or overlooked because you struggle to set boundaries and want to stop people-pleasing…
Or do you simply want a happier, more fulfilling and purpose-driven life.
Whichever it is, I want you to know there’s a way to get everything you want in life – no matter how much you may have struggled in the past.

Hello. I’m so glad you are here. I’m Diane

And for over 25 years, I’ve helped men and women just like you to live more meaningful and healthy lives. 

My philosophy for achieving success is simple: “As a man thinks in his heart so is he.” Honest Abe said, “You’re about as happy as you make up your mind to be.” It begins with addressing your thoughts, behaviors, and daily habits.

In essence, our thoughts have a powerful influence on our lives. What we consistently think about, dwell upon, and believe in our hearts manifests in our attitudes, behavior, and overall outlook on life. Our thoughts shape our perception of ourselves and the world around us which influences our actions and the outcomes we experience.


With the right guidance and support, and a few fundamental shifts in your thoughts and beliefs, you too can experience a life filled with joy, purpose, and more zest. 

It begins with space for self-reflection and awareness. It begins with clarity – gain the clarity and direction to overcome the challenges or worries holding you back. 

Together we will create a plan to move your life forward in a way that feel authentic and exciting to you. 

You’ll uncover the principles to making lasting change in your life. 

My specialties include the following: 

Purpose & Meaning

Career & Purpose

Well-Being & Habits

Personality – MBTI/EQ/Strengths Finder/Big 5

Grief and Loss Coaching

Your Life Purpose

Get to the heart of who you really are so you can become the true version of yourself. No more feeling disconnected from the world or wondering where you fit in. 

Career & Purpose 

Career transitions, career exploration, LinkedIn, Networking, Resume, Communication, Confidence, Personal Branding (my favorite) and dealing with the overwhelm that often comes from this. 

Wellbeing & Habits (Rituals)

45% of of daily lives consist of habits.

Master the challenge of balancing your work, health, family and responsibilities. As well as maintaining your physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. Discover how to live life your way – without the need for other people’s approval.

Personality, Strengths, & Giftedness

As an MBTI, DISC, EQ, and StrengthsFinder coach, I specialize in helping individuals understand and leverage their unique personality traits through the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) framework. 

I guide you in discovering your MBTI type and other assessments and interpret its implications for your personal and professional life. We delve into understanding your natural strengths, communication style, decision-making processes, and preferred ways of interacting with the world.

Through this process, we uncover valuable insights about yourself and how you relate to others.

I assist you in applying this newfound self-awareness to various aspects of your life, such as improving your communication skills, navigating relationships, making career choices aligned with your personality, and maximizing your personal growth.

Together, we create a roadmap for personal development and goal attainment, enabling you to thrive and achieve success while staying true to your authentic self.

Grief & Loss Coaching

Grief coaching is a specialized form of support that helps individuals navigate the complex emotions and challenges associated with grief and loss. It provides a safe and compassionate space for processing emotions, developing coping mechanisms, establishing self-care practices, and finding healing and growth.

I guide clients in finding ways to create new meaning and purpose in their lives after the loss, helping them gradually move forward while cherishing the memories and legacies of their loss.




Choose Your Life Coaching Package

Below you’ll find details of my 2 life coaching packages. I also do individual sessions. Please note that your coaching sessions can be held via Zoom, phone, or in person. The choice is yours and you can mix and match as you please. We will have to work out the details of a live session.


6 x 50 minute Coaching Sessions

Email Support

Feedback & Homework

1 x 15 Minute Brainstorm Call

Coaching Tools

Investment: $750


16 x 50 Minute Coaching Sessions

1 x 90 Minute Initial Strategy Session

Email Support

Feedback & Homework

1 x 15 Minute Brainstorm Call

Coaching Tools

Investment: $2,000

Coaching Guarantee

100% unconditional support, commitment, and belief in all that you want to achieve and who you are.

  • Seen, heard, and believe you matter.
  • Presence – deep listening.
  • Practical tools to help you break down your goals into doable steps.
  • A coaching service that is fun, impactful, and you will look forward to.
  • More focus, clarity, and awareness in your life.
  • Habitual rituals that you can build into your life.
  • FREE email access to me between your sessions to ensure you are completely supported throughout your journey.
  • Fun and rewarding tasks in between sessions to speed up your progress.
  • Considerably closer to achieving the goals, aspirations and life you want.